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Visionz Of Home J. Cole Lyrics

J. Cole Visionz Of Home Lyrics

Visions of home, the streets that I roamed it’s been a while
Raised me like the father I ain’t never had, I’m still your child
And though I’ve grown in ways that you never known
I ventured into the world, I moved out all on my own
I’m doing this all for you, I hate to leave you alone
See shit you wouldn’t believe, I write em down in these poems
And put em out for the world, I know you listening too
Heard you saying shit about me, I hope the shit isn’t true
Man look at this shit I came from, this narrow point of view
How you hating on a nigga that wanted it more than you?
I ran through them spots with you and f-cked the same bitches too
And just because I rocked with you I scrapped with them niggas too
Came back for them niggas too, ain’t no trapping nigga it’s true
Yet they play me on repeat cause I rap for them niggas too
They see I started with nothing but passion and then I blew
To the Roc, damn the tops a spectacular f-cking view

Visions of home, Visions of home
Visions of home, Visions of home (Yeah)
Visions of home, this is my zone

This is my joy, this is my pain, this is my song
This is for my cousin Ricky, damn niggas its been too long
Hate that my nigga Smitty slangin’ but to each his own
Gotta feed yo’self, smoke a little weed just to ease yo’self
Fuck the whole world I don’t need your help
You’re the reason why momma had those rocks
All my niggas never even had no pops
‘Memba that, you remember that?
If you don’t, double back
Momma found a much better crib on a safe street
But I’m still where the trouble at
Where the trouble at?
That’s cause my flows there
What it look like if I don’t go there
I’m dead wrong, it’s been way too long (long)
My folks there, what it look like if I don’t go there?
I’m dead wrong, it’s been way too long

Visions of home, visions of home
Visions of home nigga, visions of home
I’m coming home, coming home
Yeah Cole World
You know what it is

J. Cole Visionz Of Home Lyrics


J. Cole Lyrics Grew Up Fast

J. Cole Grew Up Fast Lyrics

[Intro: David Ruffin]
Sometimes I think about it
And my poor heart wants to die about it
Woooooo about the sweet sweet love I lost
And the way I got double crossed
By a guy who was my friend, I see him now and then
But, I pretend I’m doing fine, when I’m about to lose my mind

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
Nigga I grew up fast, then blew up fast
Money fallin’ out my pockets I got too much cash
Can’t fit nothin in her pockets she got to much ass like God damn
Well if you must ask, we from the school from hard knocks but your crew cut class
Half white but don’t think I got a klu klux past, when I’m up in the V, police be f-ckin with me
No sir no license all I got here is this f-ckin degree move along cocksucker ain’t nothin’ to see
Unless you talkin blockbusters, you niggas is not Russell, you more diggy, me I’m more biggy
No diss to the young boy I’m just rappin get bored quickly, just to make up for that line invite him on tour with me
Show him the game let him Fernago these wh0res with me, run through they doors with me, hit the rich for the night
Leave a man with 2 dikes probably change a nigga life right, what up Vanessa I loved you that one semesta
Thanks to my profession I balled like uncle fester, thinkin about the board I use ta have above the dresser
Half the shit I wrote down I did it, its old now, got new goals, plus my money on Manute Bol
Funny how my old highs is suddenly my new lows, tired of every chick sayin’ she models before she swallow
So I only f-ck with hat tricks, b!tches with a few goals
b!tches with a few goals, hat trick nigga

Niggas keep askin me how ya feel how ya feel
Its Coleee

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Look, look not even slightly interested in what ya opinion is I gotta greater purpose then a hater purpose
I’mma stack paper, hustle just to relax later, serve niggas and bring change that’s a waiters purpose
Look how I made em nervous niggas is shakin I know they fakin
Ok you killer right, and Mrs. Cleo is Jamaican
And Bob Marley is Haitian and me and Beyonce datin’ and Jesus Christ be hatin got mad love from satan for f-ckin Sanaa Lathan
While Meagan good is waitin, I’m the deadbeat father of your little brother, in other words God damn I’mma bad mother f-cker
Its Cole, its only right I brought back the soul, y’all got way to electro, damn near techno, halfway homo, way to metro
Hennesy XO, Cole flow special, style like Tribe Called Quest meets Death Row, learn somethin boy, grow yo ass up, cheap nigga if you was
Liquor I’d probably throw yo ass up, matter a fact if you was grass I’d probably mow yo ass up, last call for you old niggas go and pour yo last cup
Its Cole
Cole world

J. Cole Grew Up Fast Lyrics