Freedom Lyrics by The Game

(Ft. Elijah Blake)

Holdin’ my daughter in the booth
Her momma out there somewhere in that ? tryin’ to find a roof
Poof, I wave my wand and here comes Kendrick
Niggas say the west ain’t winnin’, I’m just tryin’ to find the proof
Speakin’ of proof, I’m ’bout to roll one with Snoop
Blow the smoke out to your memory and toast to Eminem
Cause he, gave me the shit that I needed on Documentary
Keep it real with myself, I got murdered like John Kennedy
But that was cool cause I was just there for the energy
Watchin’ Bizarre pop pills while 2Pac in my hennessy
First time in your ?, had to rock the ? heels
Cause I threw up my dukes when California was at a stand still
But hope ain’t lost cause Dr. Dre the man still
Had faith in me, knew I had heat like an anvil
Ran through entire crews, put their remains in a landfill
And I ain’t lost the hunger, I’m eatin’ out the can still

Yeah, wherever Hov and Nas at in the world right now
I know they listenin’ like
This young nigga be killin’ this shit
Hip-hop is life’s ciroc I’m ’bout to drop a pill in this shit
Let’s go, esco bars nigga, like Nas nigga
The flow is Rakim with the Birdman cars nigga
Hold on I gotta take Birdman’s call nigga

Stunna, whattup blood?
Whattup blood? What’s poppin’ my nigga?
Look, I know this the last one after this it’s straight cash, my nigga
So, it’s YMCMB, wild life my nigga, let’s get it poppin’
Rich game
? one hunnid

New coupe, remove roof
I’m from where niggas’ll do your bitch and bitch niggas’ll do you
Inevitably we take celebrity bitches and ran a chu-chu
We puttin’ on magnums, taggin’ that wagon, some of these birds kookoo
And murder is what I do to
These Just Blazes, Kanyes, shit on Swizz, I handle my biz
The whole world know what I do to Dre’s shit
Niggas know I’m classic, I ain’t even gotta say shit
Frank Ocean more of a man than you niggas, get up off that gay shit
Fuck copyin’ styles, niggas be tracin’
Whether it’s me, the movie, or Jadakiss, niggas just can’t fuck with J
So let’s go